Sunderland Air Museum

Sunderland Air field has been around since before the 1st World War. Due to heavy bombing in France during World War 1 the RAF's larger, more powerful aircraft were commissioned abroad leaving The Home Defence to patrol the North East coastline. Capt R.O. Abercrombie formed No.36 Home Defence Squadron to patrol The North East coastline. In June 1919 after peace was restored to the world, No.36 has moved to Ashington and Usworth was disbanded. In World War Two Usworth was home to 607 Squadron. The base was a target of The Luftwaffe in August 1940. However, this was thwarted by squadrons from Catterick, Ackrington and of course, Usworth.

 In 1962 the base reopened as Sunderland Air Museum and has since became The North East Air Museum run by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Reported Activity

In all 4 hangers there is reported activity. Full body apparitions, aswell as stone throwing and voices being heard. Alot of the activitiy also comes from spirits apearing at the airfield in visitation, some being linked to War time artifacts.

Straight away, when being shown around the first hanger attached to the entrance, foot steps and shuffling of feet were heard. An airman named Sgt Shaw is often seen wandering around the hanger and has been spotted by many, his engine from his plane that crashed is on display in this hanger. There also has been sightings of a little girl which would coincide with an engine on show that landed on a Sunderland house killing the family inside. Pictures that have been previously taken are kept at the Sunderland Airfield, have recorded imagery of this young girl.

Another resident spirit is a Czechoslovakian man called Augustine Pruecil, who was revieled to be working as a spy and went on to steal an aeroplane from Usworth (Sunderland Air Museum) before crashing in Belgium.

Upon when asking the spirit to do so, noises such as bangs and raps were rplied back to us.


Above is a picture taken in this hanger. Can you see what looks like a face in the first picture?

The one next to it was taken immediately after resulting in nothing but a light mist.

Hanger 2 is reported to be home to two male spirits. With one being quite aggressive. Hanger 2 is also home to a helicopter, it is reported you are meant to be physically pushed out if you get too close. The spirit is supposedly called Barthlomew, who still protects his craft.

A steel cap, about 6 inches long got flung off one of the nearby tables, striking one of the investigators. This was witnessed also by two others. 

Hanger 1 - A chair was heard getting dragged across the floor, the distinctive sound echoed around the hanger alerting the investigators who were stood in the entrance to the hanger. When we went to see what had been moved, it was a chair which had been pushed back out of the way.

Earlier in the night, a medium had picked up on a young girl named 'Emily' who was later confirmed by the caretaker. A child's hand was printed onto a small window right in-front of the investigators which slowly started to vanish ... was this the hand of Emily? 

A mist was caught on the field itself, pictures before and after in the same position did not show anything of the sort. 

Notice the first picture taken below, nothing much happening.

The second picture below taken straight after a mist was captured ....

Straight after a third picture was taken displayed below only to show a small orb in the same position...

As the team collected the cameras and packing up for leaving around 4:30am, there was a huge bang that came from the entrance to hanger one heard by two of the investigators who werer just about to enter the hanger.

When the team tried to debunk what made that loud sound, it could only have been one thing which was the huge door to the entrance of the hanger slammed. With no heavy breeze through the hanger or no one else in the buildeing it sure was an interesting occurence.

For further pictures and footage from our investigations at Sunderland Airmuseum go to our facebook page.